Ignored Kyosho Guy

This is for James. Here is the guy that you think I ignored. I actually watched the video, and I’ll explain what happened. That guy is a Kyosho Japan Employee and he was doing stuff for the Kyosho Japan Blog all week. In the video, as he puts his hand out, that other guys walks up. He was a race official and he was saying my name before he got to me. I had turned around to see him, and didn’t even notice that the Kyosho guy had his hand out. The race official said I needed to head out to the track ASAP. That’s why I turned around so quick. You should know a little more before you jump all over somebody on their own blog. If you noticed on the video, right after that I was signing a kids hat, while the race official was yelling for me to come to the track. I don’t ignore my fans.


2 responses to “Ignored Kyosho Guy

  1. No need to explain yourself Jared. We knew from the start it wasn’t your intention to ‘ignore’ the Kyosho rep. Not sure why that guy was posting non sense in your blog.

    I wish I can head out to the Reedy Truck Race to watch you race but I won’t be able to make it this year.

    Best of luck to you at the Truck Race Jared!

  2. You seriously do not need to explain yourself Jared. Anyone in their right mind will know during the excitement, such things will happen. Haters Gonna Hate with whatever you do. Even when you meant well. Just enjoy your win with your family and fans “like us” and don’t make such people comments bother you. God knows. You have already explain yourself in his comment but he still chooses to post the video everywhere. We all can guess his intention!

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