13′ Reedy Truck Race: Windy Edition

Well we should be practicing right now, but instead we are leaving the mall. It is beyond windy at the track, and no practice is going down yet. I’ll do some updates on the trip up till now.

I got in last night and we met up with Ryan Cavalieri. I’m not a big time Philly Cheese Steak eater, but Philly’s Best is pretty legit.

After that it was on the parking lot, oh wait, I mean freeway. How is it possible to have bumper to bumper traffic for almost 2 hours at 8pm. I sure don’t miss living in CA!!!!!!!

Once we got to the hotel, we set up pit in the room and it was wrench time. After the worlds, I was so busy moving , I didn’t have time to build my new RT6 (actual production) It was all in a bag. We worked on it from 9pm to about 11:30pm, then started back at 7:30am to 9:30am, and she’s done.




Had the truck all dialed and ready to hit the track. When we rolled into the track, it was looking pretty windy and more like a ghost town than a RC track. Pretty bummed. Hopefully the wind will calm down for tomorrow and we can race. Thanks for checking in, and God Bless.

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