13′ Reedy Truck Race: SC Champion

2wd Mod SC is over. I started 4th and took the win in A1 and A2. I’m pretty pumped. My truck felt awesome and I was happy to drive good and make some passes to get the wins. Qualifying I felt ok, but I just didn’t drive good. I put a gear diff in and my truck was dialed. First race with the new AKA Slingshot tires. They felt really good and I ran them in soft compound on the front and rear, with AKA black foam.


I start 2nd in Mod truck, and it’s coming to A3. I got 2nd in A1 and took the win in A2. I’ll try to go get it in A3. Thanks for checking in and God Bless.

3 responses to “13′ Reedy Truck Race: SC Champion

  1. Congrats on the SC win and the podium finish in 2wd truck this weekend.

    What do you think the gear diff is giving you vs the ball diff? I’ve tested the gear diff several times and have always been faster with ball diff, but perhaps I didn’t hit on the correct oil viscosity. This was also on surfaces that don’t offer much grip.


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