13′ Reedy Truck Race: It’s over

Back at the airport this morning. Yesterday was awesome. Both my Kyosho trucks worked amazing and I almost took both wins. I got SC in A1 and A2, and took the win in Mod Truck in A2. A3 of truck I was feeling good and battling for the lead for the first half, but my tranny was struggling and then it gave out. After qualifying I put in a gear diff. At the worlds I had some better internal gears, but this time I only had the RTR gears. They couldn’t quite handle the power from Team Orion, or the grip my RT6 was creating. I felt as I had a great chance to take the win, but I’m not gonna be bummed about it. My trucks felt good, and I felt as I drove good, that’s all you can really do.

After the trophy presentation, Joe and I headed down to Costa Mesa to get a hotel close to SNA. When I come to SoCal, it’s a must to hit Ruby’s on the Huntington Beach Pier. We did it, and it totally rocked!!!!!


Thanks to all my fans, my sponsors, Kyosho, Orion, AKA, KO Propo, UpGrade-RC, Lunsford, TD Paints, MIP, X-Gear, RockBrook Church, LiveRC.com, my amazing family, and the Good Lord Jesus Christ. Make sure to check back in next weekend, I have a special race that I’m extra excited about. Thanks for reading, and God Bless

13 responses to “13′ Reedy Truck Race: It’s over

    • Jared I have a question.
      When your racing on looser tracks, do you prefer a gear of ball diff. And If your running a gear diff on looser tracks what weight oil would you use? Would you want a looser diff on loose tracks?
      Sorry for all the questions I”m new to this.

      • I haven’t ran a gear diff on a loose track. I am very new to the gear diffs. Right now there really isn’t any super good gear diffs out yet. If I was to run on a loose track, I would try 2000. Yes you would want a looser diff on a track with less grip.

  1. Hi Jared,

    Can you please share your slipper setup with us.

    Do you run the standard white pads or the red pads from the rb5wc?

  2. Hello Jared,
    I have been having a problem with my MP9. The front left universal shaft keeps popping out, what do you recommend I should do? Should I buy the 93s?

    • I don’t use the 93. I’m not sure what would cause that to happen. I would just check over everything in your front end. If everything is ok, a 91 should not pop out. Sorry you are having this issue.

  3. Hi Jared, I was interested in your comment on using thinner oil in gear diffs when slippy. Why do you think this? Thanks.

    • When the track has less traction, you run your diff looser to gain traction. The tighter the diff setting, the more power both tires will have. On loose tracks, that will make it feel loose. You want your diff to be reactive to gain grip. A loose diff on high grip will feel really squirmy because the power is getting transferred between sides too much. Hope that helps.

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