Truck setups

Here are a few of my latest truck setups. First is my ROAR National Championship winning RT6 setup.

Next we have my RT6 setup from the Reedy Truck Race and my winning SCR setup from the Reedy Truck Race.



24 responses to “Truck setups

  1. Jared, I see on the RT6 that the traction is Medium but you used a “Gear Diff” instead of a Ball diff. What was your thoughts on going that route? Thanks…

  2. Hey JT. What does reversing the steering rack do to the car? Will you run it like this all the time now?

    Also in regards to the rear hangers, does a narrower pivot give more overall traction?

    • Im not 100% sure on the engineering side what moving your ackerman back does. With the RB6 on sugar I was having a hard time with my steering being very sensitive off center, but then pushing in the middle of the turn. It was just really hard to drive. I moved the caster block back and the ackerman back. It really made the steering feel more linear through the whole turning of the wheel.

      Rear pivot. On really loose tracks, a narrow pivot will probably have more grip. On high grip, the car seems more squirmy with a narrow pivot.

    • On the trucks I like the saddle pack. A little more weight, and a more powerful battery. I’m liking the feel of gear diffs. We need a more racing gear diff which we will have soon. I think that’s the direction it will go.

      • Awesome. I run saddles in my RB6 right now but been thinking if going back to shorty packs. My car weighed in at 1665 yesterday with full ti screws.

  3. Hey Jared, What specific screws are you using for your shock mount positions top and bottom. Thanks for your help…

    • I ran the same new mounts. At Nats I ran 2.5 toe. That’s only possible with the new mounts. At Reedy I ran 3 toe in the mounts, which is stock narrow mounts. I just put that on the setup. I ran inside bb.

    • I tried it a little when I first got my RT6. It seemed pretty good, but I struggled a little with it being hard to drive and slow lap times. I didn’t mess with it much, because I didn’t have a legal body for mid motor to use. I might mess with it again. Trucks drive different than buggies.

      • Thanks for the input the RT6 is quite the dream to drive in rear motor config so I been reluctant to try anything new. I just converted to Kyosho and found this site and its been very informative thus far with my new adventure.

  4. Jared iam new to the rt6 and noticed that you are running the rt5 front suspension mount what is the reason for doing this and do you think it is better? Have a nice Holiday.

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