Roz’s first neighborhood ride

I’m finally back home. This was the first time driving up to our new house from the airport. Man did it feel good to pull into the driveway. Megan and Roz put a sweet sign on the door to greet me. I love my family.

Roz is pretty much a daddy’s girl. She’s been very excited for me to get home so we could go on her first bike ride. Our old house was in the country, she only had a small driveway to glide around. She was pumped.

Roz was loving it, she only crashed once, and she hopped right up. She was going a little too fast on a hill, put her feet down, got all squirrelly and swapped out right on top of her bike. All she needed was a boo boo kiss on the knee and we were off again. Haha


I’m pretty whooped from the Worlds, moving, and then the Reedy Truck Race. I’m laying low the next couple weeks. I’ll try to work on the blog and try to do some cool write ups. Thanks for checking in, and God Bless.

5 responses to “Roz’s first neighborhood ride

  1. Got to love our daughters, they have us wrapped around their fingers! Great speech at the worlds, God is always first.

  2. I just listen to your video of your life it was very very powerful. No words can describe the feelings i had listen to you. I’m so glad you share your story

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