After the worlds I put up my radio. My good ol trusty EX-10 is now up in my living room. I’m giving the EX-1 another shot. I haven’t wanted to mess with it too much this year as I wanted to be 100% comfortable for the worlds. Now KO has discontinued the EX-10, it’s time to shake down the EX-1 and get it comfortable for 2014.

After the first day of running with it, it didn’t feel bad at all. It’s a different feel, but I think I can get my comfort I need with it. I will be racing with it in Indonesia for CNetic next weekend. Thanks for checking in and God Bless.

11 responses to “EX-1

  1. I was always curious why you never ran it, figured it was a comfort thing. I’ve seen one around here, they look really good. I miss my old Helios, and was looking at these but it seemed that not many Pros ran them for whatever reason.

  2. Would like to know, when your building your 1/8th diffs, what do you use to seal them to keep them from leaking? Thanks, Soup

  3. I am looking to purchase that EX-1 very soon, but need some advice, as i have noticed that in the past you have switched between 2 types of servos for steering, and what the reason behind it is.

    The 2 servos are the KO PROPO RSx Power HC Digital Servo, and the KO PROPO RSx Response HC Digital Servo.

    Your advice would be really appreciated.

    • I always use Power in 1/8 GP. The response is way too fast with lipo direct. In 1/8 EP and 1/10 EP I use the Response. In 2wd and 4wd I switch around from the RSx Response and the RSx one10. That’s only for weight distribution. The HC has aluminum tops. I use that for truggy. Sometimes I use a HC in the 1/8 buggy throttle if the track has huge jumps.

      • Many thanks for your advice.

        Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, as it has really put my mind as rest.

        Looking forward to hearing your views with the EX-1

    • Hi Jared,
      Why don’t you make another video on how to tune a nitro engine. You have a couple of videos but we can barley hear what you are saying.

  4. Hi Jared

    How are you getting on with the EX-1?

    I finally took the step to make a purchase of an Ex-1, and 2 KO PROPO RSx Power HC Digital Servo, so roll on summer time. 🙂

  5. I have a question about radio set up with an Orion R10 speed control. With my KO radio I set my throttle high at 100 and brake point at 100. Then I do the setup up of esc with the touch button for neutral, high and low end points. At the track my other buddies using the same equipment set their radio high to 150 and brake to 150. They tell me it’s faster and the right way to set up the esc. How do you set up your 1/10 electronics?

    • I set mine with 100%. I feel it’s best to work with a linear percentage. The speedo won’t be any different. It might just change your throttle curve. When you set your full throttle and full brake, it is full throttle, a higher or lower percentage will make no power difference.

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