Life since Worlds

Just figured I would do a little different style post. I’ve been kinda just hanging low and doing stuff around the house and with the family since after the Worlds and Reedy Truck Race. I really love my racing, but all the stress and pressure can really take it’s toll. It’s been great to have this time at home. Right after I got home from the Reedy Truck race, I got crazy sick. I think my body was just so done from the worlds and everything, but it was pretty ugly. Halloween is coming up and Megan loves this time of year. We all got our outfits and we are ready to trick or treat. Meg and Roz are witches, and I’m going for Frankenstein.

We also did a family day at a farm near by that has an awesome fall setup going. They had tons of cool things for kids, pumpkin chunkin machine, huge pumpkin patch, pig races, it was awesome.



Here’s our pumpkins all carved. We even got a little carved one for Bella.

Since I’ve had a few weekends off, we’ve also got to watch a little football. I’m not a huge sports fan, but I don’t mind watching football. We don’t have TV at our house, so we will go over to the family’s house. It’s been awesome to see the Chiefs go 8-0

During all the preparations for the Worlds, then the actual race, I was off my road bike for almost a month. I’ve been trying to get in some miles, but I have also got in some MTB rides. Thanks to my awesome friends at Bike Source for hooking it up with a demo bike to ride. If your in Denver, Columbus, Charlotte, or Kansas City, hit up a Bike Source shop, they will have all the goods you need.



Finally got my Worlds car and trophy back from Japan. I was pretty bummed I didn’t even get to take them home with me after the race. It was awesome when the box rolled up. We had the perfect spot for both cars to display in our living room. Gonna have to make another shelf in that stone for the 1/8 πŸ™‚

Another hobby of mine, I know, too many hobbies, is painting. I’m into all different styles, but right now it’s graffiti style. Been working on this one the past few days. It’s not quite done yet, I need to go get some more paint markers to get it finished.



And lastly, today I went out to the track and ran some 1/8. Megan was at work, so me and Roz had a daddy daughter day. We hit up the RC track, got chipotle to go for lunch and ate it at a park, then went back for more at the RC track.




Roz had a pretty good setup up on the drivers stand. She was a trooper out there. We were at the track from 10:30am to 4pm and she was loving it the whole time. Oh….Roz also drove her car for the first time outside of the house the other day. She actually did pretty good, she almost drove it into the gutter drain once, but other than that, it was a successful first drive.

With that, I’m out. Thanks for checking in. This Saturday Megan and I are starting out journey to Indonesia. Be sure to check in on our trip and we will try to keep you guys up to speed. Thanks and God Bless.

7 responses to “Life since Worlds

  1. Jared
    Glad you enjoyed your time off. Good luck on your next race and have fun, look forward to the updates from y’all’s trip.


  2. Would you sell one of your used mp9e bodies? My son is a very big fan and it would be great to surprise him with it to display in our rc mancave! You are a great role model for him!

  3. I enjoy following your blog. Those trophy shelves, are they built into the wall or is it some kind of furniture? Did you design them into the house in anticipation of winning the Worlds? πŸ˜‰

  4. Family time like that is awesome, I was so scared when I first found out I was going to be a father for the first time, thought I’d never get to do any of the stuff I like doing anymore, and yes some of those things have fallen off the map I honestly don’t care. Nothing more fun to me anymore then hanging with my kiddos, and to top it all off my oldest (5yr old) just had his first race this past weekend with his short course truck. Even tho he was all over the place and got dead last it was still a super proud moment for me and was a ton of fun.

    Your a great role model Jared my 5yr old thinks your the greatest and he loved telling his Sunday school class how his favorite rc racer believes in god just like him.

    God bless!

    • That’s awesome that your son had his first race. Yeah I don’t think you can ever be mentally ready to have a child, but after your priorities make a major change. I still like my things, but I have the same enjoyment watching Roz do something she likes. That’s awesome about the Sunday teacher πŸ™‚

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