Gift of God

Megan and I embarked on a travel journey today. We are headed to Indonesia for a little vacationing and a little 1/8 buggy racing. We are leaving Roz here at home with our family. The trip has been a little rocky on the start, but hey, what trip isn’t.

We started off with realizing that my moms car can’t hold a car seat. Luckily she can go over to out house and borrow my truck with the car seat in it. We dodged the first bullet.

Next bullet was a little bigger. Our trip plan has many stops. Kansas City to Tokyo Japan to Singapore to Surabaya Indonesia then finally to Bali. We arrived in LAX and had to switch airlines. When we got to our check in, we ran into our problem. Yesterday in LAX they had a very tragic event occur and it made a mess for travelers. At first it seemed there was no chance for us to get on the flight because it was so over booked. After about a hour of waiting, it seemed like we could get seats, but they wouldn’t be next to each other. Then a pure gift of a God occurred. As we were checking in, a couple that had secure seats on the flight was checking in and there passports were expired. They gave us there seats!!!!!! Wow, major bullet dodged. We are on our way.


Thanks for checking in and God Bless. Check back as I will be doing updates on our trip and the race.

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