Finally in Indonesia

We are now in Indonesia. We are in Surabaya, we have our final flight to Bali. Our trip has been great. Got some good sleep from LA to Japan, and even got a little more to Singapore. In Singapore we had a 4 hour layover so we got some early breakfast at 3am.

Next we had a very weird thing happen. We were just sitting in some seats, just doing our thing. There was a lady with a 5 month old baby bit sitting about 100 feet from us. We didn’t say anything to each other or really even see each other. Out of the blue, she walks over and in very broken English, asks if we can watch her son while she uses the toilet. Kinda in shock, we smiled and asked his name. This little dude was cool, rocking a pure sumo wrestler hair style. His name was Alex and he was super sweet. His mom was gone almost 20 minutes. Megan and I both kinda thought to ourselves that she wasn’t gonna come back. Sure enough she did, we did the baby hand off, and very few words were traded. It was just kinda wild, we did feel kinda honored that a pure stranger thought we looked trust worthy enough to hand over her 5 month old baby boy. Alex, you will forever be a memory dude.

After all that, I grabbed me a deep fried, custard stuffed smiley face from Dunkin Donuts. Mmm

Back on a plane and on our way to Surabaya Indonesia. We made it and we greeted by Mr. Erie from CNetic and Clarissa. We all had some brunch and filled up the bellies. Man I love the food in Asia!!!!!


After the food, Mr. Erie took my RC stuff and Clarissa joined us on our last flight to Bali. It was a short 45 flight, but it was a beautiful one. Here a mountain on poking through the clouds.

As we were coming into the landing it looked as though they were turning our flight into a cruise. The runway was right on the water, it was pretty cool. We got all our bags and met up with Clarissa’s friend who will be enjoying Bali with us as well. We met up with the driver and we were off.

And finally….checking in at the hotel. 24.5 hours of flight time, and 47 hours of travel from leaving our house to pulling into the hotel. We are here baby!!!!


Thanks to everyone who helped make this trip possible, we truly appreciate it. Thanks for checking in and seeing how our trip is going. God Bless

5 responses to “Finally in Indonesia

  1. Great to see you and Megan are enjoying travelling the world. Interesting one about the little baby at the airport, a bit strange too. Enjoy your time in Indonesia! Looking forward to further updates.

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