CNETIC Qualifying Day

Hello everyone it’s Megan Tebo writing this morning. Today starts the semis and final. Waking up very sleepy and sick feeling. The weather here has done a real number on my sinuses. With it being 90% humid and 100% hot, it has got me all kinds of messed up.

While Jared is sitting at the table in our hotel this morning working on his car that ended up in a million pieces before we left the track last night, I decided I would write a little about yesterday. Looking back, Jared’s first qualifier was a little rough. He had several crashes in the beginning and just didn’t feel in a groove. He ended up taking fourth for that round.

Second round of qualifying was a bit of a mess coming from his pit girl. Being a pit person is hard work. Jared and I have been working on hand signals for during the race when he needs to lean or richen the bottom or top end. And while I can manage doing whatever he is telling me, this round he brought it in before the timer started and threw out about eight different hand signals. Two hours here, one hour there and changes to his idle. Phew! It was a lot of changes coming from me and I’m not sure it did the trick. Once out there, every time he went down the straightaway it was super rich. I couldn’t help but cringe every time he went by. He was consistent that race but lost a lot of time on the straightaway. His last lap he made a few mistakes and ended up with fourth.

Next was the third round. It was a good run and was fighting for TQ but at the end he flew off the track and lost his chance. He took a third for that round.

Lastly, the fourth round was great. He was consistent without making any mistakes. However, with the track losing traction, he felt like he didn’t have enough steering. Hara was whipping out 49 second lap times like it was nothing. Jared took third for that round also.

For me looking back, I think Jared is doing awesome for not racing 1/8 scale since NEO this year and the track size being 3x the size of that track, he is doing great! I notice he thinks too much sometimes about what to do about his car and while this might be true, he normally always makes the right call.

I do want to say for all the pit guys out there: You ROCK!!!! It is one of the most nerve racking, mind boggling, exhausting jobs! Also, being down there is cut throat. No one giving anyone room and it’s all for all when trying to get your pit spot. Yikes! But I will say I have really enjoyed pitting. The adrenaline rush you get when the car comes in and going as fast as you can. Awesome! But ask me again after the semi and final and it might be a different story. 🙂

We rode home last night exhausted. Sadikin wanted to take us to a restaurant on the top of out hotel called Citilites. It was a western food restaurant and it was amazing!! Took me back to home. Jared got duck and a caesar salad, and I got a pasta with a caesar salad. All in all, a great day for Team Tebo.











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