C-Netic Finals Day

Today is finals day. I qualified 4th overall, so I start 2nd in Semi B. Megan is doing my pit work in the finals as well. We have our plan and we are ready to rock!!!!

The Semi was really good at the start as I was fighting with Reno. We passed each other many times and we were pushing hard. Half way through I made a big mistake and he got away, then my tires went bald and I had to slow down. I had another very long crash at the end, but still managed 2nd in the Semi. My time was pretty slow, so I started 5th in the final.


The start of the final was not good at all. Reno started 1st and crashed on the first jump and got everyone really close. It was very tight and I ran into Batlle on the corner double and crashed. I lost a ton of time as the marshal could not get to my car. Then more people were crashed and I made a bunch of passes back, but the next lap I hit a crashed car in the double double and had about a 15 second crash. I was half a lap down to the leaders on the second lap. From then on it was a pretty boring race as I had no battles with anyone. I got up to 5th and could not catch the leaders. I stayed right at a half lap down till 45 minutes in, and then I started to loose more time. My tires went completely bald and my left rear came un glued and I just tried to stay on the track for the last 15 minutes. Batlle and Savoya both had some issues and I moved into 3rd and that’s where I finished. Megan did an AMAZING job pitting and every stop was really great. She was spot on with the time and everything. I was happy to get 3rd, but not happy I didn’t have the pace to fight for the win. I could have fought at the beginning, but they were much faster at the end. Here is my car after the final.



Hard compound Enduros after an hour final at C-Netics. Can’t get much more worn than that.

Best pit girl around!!!!!


A happy team Tebo after a hot long day. Thanks again to all team C-Netic. Congrats to Hara for the win and we hope all the racers enjoyed it as much as we did. We can’t wait to come again next year. I will be out for revenge in 2014 🙂

Thanks for checking in and God Bless.

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