Last day in Indonesia

Racing is all over, we are tired, and our stomachs won’t allow is to try anymore different food, it’s time to go home.

Monday we chilled at the pool in the morning, then had a cool lunch at a Korean BBQ place with Sadikin.


Korean Fried Chicken (KFC)

Next we went to a really cool art gallery. One of the CNetics racers father is an artist. It was really neat to see all the art up close.

Next we checked out a bike shop that was all specialized. They had some cool stuff, then we went to this other place that had a Bmx track, huge Bmx pool, and a really cool mtb course. They didn’t have any bikes that were worth renting, so that was a bummer.




Tuesday morning I got up at 4:30am and met with a racer to go cycling. We went to this very big neighborhood to ride. Cyclist ride there, because there is less traffic and the roads are very smooth. It was pretty fun, but I’m not used to riding in the humidity. I was dying!!!!!

After I got back, Megan and I just went to the pool to relax before lunch.

We met up with Mr. Harijono and the CNetic team for lunch. We ate at a Japanese restaurant and it was AMAZING!!!!!





Fried Ice Cream

After lunch we were off to downtown. I wanted to get some pics of graffiti. There is a ton of awesome graffiti in Surabaya.







We even managed to go by this really cool public skate park. It was a little rough, but it look pretty rad. It was awesome seeing the local kids all into it. They were all over the place, crashing left and right, but they all had huge smiles on there faces.

After that we were off to the airport. Good bye Indonesia, see you next year!

We can not thank Mr. Harijono, Mr. Sadikin, and all of CNetic enough. What an amazing trip and a great experience for both of us. Can’t wait till next year.

Thanks for following our trip and God Bless.

3 responses to “Last day in Indonesia

  1. Definitely cool to experience other cultures.

    Will you and/or patrick going to be out at fastlane this weekend? I’m coming down to kc and was hoping to see/drive with you guys.

    • Hey Jonas. Great to hear from you. I wasn’t planning on going out there, but I might go out there if your coming down to race. Not sure about Patrick, he hasn’t been racing much this year. Yeah our trip was amazing, I loving seeing other countries and meeting new people. When are you coming to KC?

      • Ok cool! I’m heading down tomorrow and will be at fastlane Saturday and Sunday. I’m bringing my eighth scale stuff just in case it doesn’t rain, but I’ll race my zx-5 inside. If you have some free time swing out and catch up.

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