Thank You Kyosho

Well, the deal is done.

5 more years added into my Kyosho contract. This I great news headed into 2014.

“I am very pleased to be signing with Kyosho for another 5 years. My relationship with Kyosho is great, and the past 5 years have been amazing together on and off the track. I feel as a person, and driver, I fit in really good with the Kyosho brand and it just feels like home for me in my racing career. In the past 5 years we have been able to have amazing results; 47 big race wins, including 8 ROAR National Championships and 1 IFMAR World Championship. I am very excited to say the least about the next 5 years in my racing career, as I feel Kyosho can give me the best resources to reach my main goal of 1/8 Offroad World Champion. Thanks to Aki, Mitsuo, Kanai, Chikuba, Joe, Futoshi, and all the the Kyosho staff for their hard work. On to 2014 🙂 ”

See you all at the races in 2014. Check back in to get all the newest news on my race program for the new year coming. Thanks for reading and God Bless.

7 responses to “Thank You Kyosho

  1. Jared… Congrats! Great to hear!

    Question for you… Do you know when and if Kyosho is coming out with a new design on the MP9 anytime soon? I wanted to buy a couple new buggies for next year, but wanted to wait if there was a new one coming out soon! God bless and congrats on the new contract!


  2. Awesome to hear Jared Well done – Thankyou for being an inspiration for myself and Son, may you continue to know and experience Strength from the Lord – “How blessed is the man whose strength is in Thee.”
    Psalm 84:5

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