CRCRC Finals Day

Mains are all done over here at the Ohio RC Factory. They ran bump ups with triple A mains, so our first set of A’s started around noon.

2wd. A1 didn’t quite go as planned. My car felt good, but I was struggling with side grip in the corners. The track seemed to have less grip overall. I crashed first lap and played catch up all race. I came back to 3rd. A2 was a good race. I had a clean start and tried hard to stay with Maifield. I stayed close the whole 6 minutes, but he took the win and the overall. A3 I needed just a clean run to win the main and get 2nd overall. Crashed early and went to the very back of the pack. I drove really hard and was going faster than I did all day. My car felt really good. I caught the lead pack from about 10 seconds back, but couldn’t pass Cav to get 2nd overall. Ended up 3rd which was what I wanted at all.

Truck was my best runs of the finals. A1 I should have taken an easy win, but stupid mistakes when I caught traffic put me back to 2nd. A2 was much better and I had a clean main. My truck was working good and I was able to pull away from Cav and force him to push too hard and crash giving me an easy win. A3 was the same way. Got away clean and just clicked off laps. Took an easy A3 win to get the overall.

4wd didn’t go as planned either. My car was good and I was fast enough to fight with Maifield, but ultimately mistakes cost me. A1 I crashed on the table single first and second lap to put me way back in the pack. I drove back up to fourth. A2 was a really great race. I stayed right with Maifield and he made a mistake giving me the lead. I was try to push hard to build a little gap. I led for a couple minutes, but then made a few mistakes and we went back and forth a couple times. I made another small mistake and Cav got by as well. All 3 of us were close. I knew I just needed to stay close to those guys. Maifield made a mistake and Cav took the lead. Maifield is known to not be too smart when trying to pass. Sure enough on the last lap Maifield took out Cav and I passed them both and took the win. A3 I was really wanting to take the fight to Maifield and get the win. I got a clean start and was right there, but then shorted the table single again and fell way back. My car was really fast and I was pushing super hard. I went through the pack and started to catch both Ryan’s. I caught up to Cav the last few laps, but couldn’t pass. Ended up 3rd overall. Not too happy with that.

Overall an ok weekend. Had better cars than where I finished in both buggy classes, just went for the win a little too hard. It was fun though, felt good to be back at a race. Now it’s time to reflect on my mistakes and get mentally ready for Reedy Race. Thanks for checking in and God Bless.

5 responses to “CRCRC Finals Day

  1. Grats on the finish, any chance of posting some setups? I’m trying to find a good truck setup. I have used your buggy setup from last years midwest champs with success but obviously you are running the new truck this year and swapped to mid motor in buggy, Thanks in advance.

    P.S. The yellow scheme is pretty sweet!

  2. Jared, nice work this weekend! Do you have any good set ups for OC RC… where the Reedy race is going to be in a couple weeks? I am going to be there visiting the week after and was going to try to race. Hope all is well!

  3. congrats on your accomplishments. I know you’re running the latest Kcar stuff, but I was wondering, do you ever race your older cars, like the RB5s, ZX5s etc. just wondering. Have a good one bro.

  4. Can’t win em all – Glad Truck worked out for you. Thanks for the tips and just wanted to let you know that it was a pleasure talking with you.

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