15 responses to “2014 CRCRC Setups

  1. Hey jared was wondering if you could post your ex1 set up have been having just switched to this radio would like to see if there is something i can do to get some more feeling out of it

  2. have you done your 4wd set up? thanks so much for posting this… its very helpful! is mid-motor not preferable on the truck? would seem to be similar to the car off the top of my head, but you are the expert :)… thanks again!

  3. Hi Jared

    Just wondering on your ball diff setting on your mid or rear motor 2wd buggy?

    Do your run your diff setting same between both vehicles?

  4. Jared, off the wall question but is there ever a time you feel you would’ve done better with a rear motor car now that you’ve switched to mid? I run at Crcrc and didn’t know if you felt the rear motored car would fit certain tracks better than others.

    • I think that mid motor is better 90% of the time. Only time where I feel rear motor might be better is really small tracks. Especially if it’s small and low grip. Mid motor is new and I don’t think the setups are quite right yet for really tight tracks yet. To me, mid motor is only going to get better.

  5. Hi Jared I am looking at your RT setup and I notice you always use the UM502 Suspension block over the stock um721 block that comes with the kit. What is the difference between the two blocks?

      • Also Jared do you run any limiters in your RT6 shocks? The reason I ask is when I tried to achieve 25.5 front lenght I was unable bc the shaft would penetrate threw the shock end. Thanks again

  6. Hey JT,
    I was wondering what you thought about the ackerman setup you are running. Also on your reedy setup, you had the ballstud facing backwards with a 2mm spacer behind it. What are you looking for with the UM713 and UM712 arms.

    • The ball studs are not facing the other direction. I just turn the bar around to move the ball stud back farther. I am running the 713 arms to try to get the car to jump better at high speeds. Also get a little better grip on low traction tracks

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