CA MTB ride

Ryan Cavalieri picked me up at the airport and we went straight to a bike shop to rent a demo bike. Then it was off to AE.



Then we were off. We did the AE loop route. It was a little over 10 miles with some long hills and pretty cool switch back descents. Here’s at the top.
The descent I got rattled to my core. The bike was setup for a MUCH heavier rider than myself. There are a ton of braking bumps all the way down and it’s weird to say my hands are more sore than my legs. Haha. All in all though, great start to the trip. Now off to the RC track.


6 responses to “CA MTB ride

  1. Awesome that you guys are riding mountain bikes. I think racing r/c cars and riding mountain bikes can have a huge crossover. A lot of the tracks in the South East are located very close to great riding.

  2. Hello Jared,

    we are organizing Buggyland 2014, an international race that will take place during Jun at Fuencarral´s track, where Merlin Race 2013 took place and Euro B 2014 will also be held.

    Is there a way that we can contact you to send further information about Buggyland and talk?

    Meanwhile, take a look at this short video to see the layout.

    Best regards,
    Miguel Zambrana (

  3. Hey Jared,
    We don’t know each other but if you ever want to ride mountain bikes and feel like you ARE the RC car, you should go to Whistler Mountain Bike Park. I’m in the US and only live a short trip away from there and we have some kick butt trails here in Bellingham and great bike shops locally if you want to get prepped… anyway, here’s a little video that shows some of the fun stuff you can do.

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