Bloody Battle of this World

I received an awesome text from a very close friend last night. I wanted to share some insight behind it. Men struggle with many different temptations during a normal day, but when you travel and leave your family, those temptations seem to get a little closer and much stronger. The text said to know temptation is coming and to be prepared. That is something we typically don’t do, prepare ourselves. For a man trying to live a pure, Jesus Christ centered life, our ugly world is a blood filled battlefield. If you were on the front lines during the civil war and tomorrow you were doing an attack, what would you do? I would be practicing my knife control, my gun control, my hiding techniques, everything I need to do to stay alive. Grabbing every knife and gun I could strap to my body and mentally preparing for what is to come.

I know this week I will be in a front line battle in a war of a different kind. I will be tempted with sexual sin, gossip, anger, and jealousy. How do we prepare for our fight for our eternal salvation. We need to acknowledge that it is coming. You have to have weapons and be ready to fight. Jesus Christ is our weapon, we need to use his example to fight. We also need to fight as a team. People that were in the military during a war always talk about the team that they were in. A war is fought and won by the strongest team of soldiers. We need to be there for each other and not leave soldiers that get injured left to die. In a war, you will be shot at, probably shot, you will have people that want to take your life away. The devil and this world want us dead.

Get your weapons out, practice how to use them, mentally prepare for war, get together with other soldiers, love all the soldiers in your army, and finally, fight for your life and the life of your family.

I wish all a strong heart filled fight, you will get shot, stabbed, and wounded, but Jesus is stronger than any wound. Thanks for reading and God Bless.

3 responses to “Bloody Battle of this World

  1. Nice! Stay strong Jared, knowing that not only do you have Christ, and a loving family, but you also have many fans out hear wanting you to succeed. We are on your team!

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