Reedy Race Friday

Today the heads up racing started. We had four races with ten racers all with 2wd. Today was an ok day, but not really what I wanted.

R1 I started 10th. I got a great start and passed 4 cars on the first lap. Around halfway I made more moves to get into 4th, but then I brushed the inside of the end of the straight. It spun me into the outside wall and I went back to 9th. Then it was just rough after that and I ended with a 9th. So I got my one throw out for 2wd in the first race.

R2 was better. I started 5th and ran ok. I got into 3rd and caught the lead two but couldn’t pass. Finished 3rd, but wasn’t happy with it. My car was really lacking grip and my lap times weren’t where they should be. I spent about 2 hours to completely change my setup. I copied Cody Kings setup and was pretty stressed to see how it was going to feel going into my next race. This was risky, but I really didn’t have a choice. I wasn’t where I needed to be with the setup I had on.

R3 I started 7th and had a good race. I ran 4th most of the race and caught the leading pack at the end. I got into the back of third place a little on the option section on the last lap, and took the 3rd spot. My car was much better and I finally dropped my lap times closer to where they should be. I was pushing a little, so I made one change for the next race to get more steering.

R4 I started 4th. I got a good start and there was some roughing up in front of me. I missed the pile up and moved to second on the first lap. On lap two or three I took the lead and was feeling great. Maifield was second and he caught me a little. I felt comfortable leading and wasn’t really worried. With two laps to go, I left about a half a car to the inside going into a 180. Maifield was committed to pass and we touched and I flipped. I couldn’t get him back the last 2 laps. I was pretty bummed to give up the win. I had my best lap times and feel like I can battle now.

Not too happy with a 9, 3, 3, 2 but I’m not totally out yet. I’m giving it my best and that’s all I can do. Try to get some lower points tomorrow. Thanks for checking in and God Bless.

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