Reedy Race Saturday

Saturday at the Reedy Race saw two rounds of 2wd, a 4wd practice, and then two rounds of 4wd. It was an up and down day to put it in short. A Frustrating and testing day as well.

2wd R5 I started fourth and got a good start. Moved my way up to second with a good pass on an AE driver. With the little controversy with an AE driver on Friday, people were cheering for him to go after me. He didn’t disappoint and roughed me up in a corner followed by crossing lines across my front end to send me off the track on the front jumps. The crowd cheered as he did what they wanted to see. I ended up 5th and with that, my chance at overall pretty much over.

2wd R6 I started first and got beat on the start. I was second for a few laps, but made a great pass and just checked out. My car felt great and I took a very easy win.

After 2wd I was sitting fifth overall.

The only thing I miss about California is the Taco trucks. Had some amazing tacos and then put my mark on my favorite truck.



Then it was time for 4wd. My car felt really good in the practice and I was feeling really excited to start racing.

4wd R1 I started tenth. I got a good start and was just making my way through the pack. By lap four I was up to third and then I landed off the front jump section and my car just rolled to a stop. My motor wires were down by my switch and somehow turned my switch off. We are not allowed to join the race if you come off the track, so I got tenth.

4wd R2 was going to be a hard race. I started ninth and had Cav, Maifield, and Evans all ahead of me. I got caught up in a little first turn pile, but it wasn’t bad. Made some moves and got to fifth about two minutes in. Then my car started clicking really bad, I had a gear stripping. I drove smart and started only pulling half throttle and not hitting the brakes. I saved the car and finished fifth, which was better than another tenth, but now I have a fifth I have to take. A center drive cup came a little loose and my mesh in my rear diff changed. My car feels extremely good and fast, hopefully I can show my speed on Sunday.

Thanks for checking in and God Bless.

16 responses to “Reedy Race Saturday

  1. Don’t take it personally, SoCal is AE country, just remember you still have loyal JTP and Kyosho fans here in SoCal cheering you on aswell.

    Good luck and God Bless!

    • Thanks. Yeah it’s just hard to deal with sometime. I handled it good though. They want me to snap and freak out, but it will take more than crashing my RC car to to that. Thanks man, I appreciate all my fans !!!!!

  2. Unfortunately that’s how it is here, as you are well aware. This is why I prefer to not run their stuff. The click stuff gets old, and it’s so obvious it turns people off. Then again half of their 8th scale car has K parts on it, so that’s something. 😀

    In any case, do your best, but I have a question. On your 2W did you go to the RB6 rear arms? Do you feel that helped your car with anything in particular?

    • Yeah I did put the RB6 arms after the first two 2wd races. I put Cody Kings setup on. I then tweaked it a little. My car was much better and had way more traction. I will post my ending setup after I get back home. I will be trying these arms now and seeing how they work at other tracks.

      • Awesome, I usually go back and forth with them on my local track. When its really gripped up the 521-1s work well, but once it gets looser or has a lot of 180s the stock ones seem to grip the rear a bit better,

  3. Jared, good luck for tomorrow! Don’t get upset about that AE guy. You are the current World Champ (so why would you).
    Nevertheless, I watched the video on RedRC, and what he did didn’t look right. People in the hobby notice this sort of behaviour, and it is to no benefit to AE and this particular driver…

  4. I see you stayed focus and got that win. I will be waiting to see the vid. for the mains. Good luck and God Bless

  5. That looked dirty to me, why would you change lines in the middle of that section? Seems like the kids always try to start some drama, you would think they would want a better reputation than being “that guy”

  6. Look forward to seeing the 2w RB6 setup in detail. The pdf link is broken on Petitrc. Great runs all around; be safe getting home!

    • Haha. Thanks a ton man, I appreciate that. I will be out there racing and Megan and Roz are coming too. Megan is even going to race, so it should be really fun. See you soon. I’ll be waiting for the chocolate milk goods as well 🙂

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