Practice at The Dirt

Practice is underway. There are a TON of heats, 47 to be exact. We only get two 5 minute runs today.

Got some new goodies from Team Orion today. Look pretty sweet!

Truggy is the first class running. Got her all ready to rock.

First practice went ok. Truggy I had my engine tune off and just really couldn’t get in a groove. Came in twice to tune, and with 45 second laps, we are only getting 7-8 laps each run. Next was e-buggy and it was pretty good. There is a triple triple triple rhythm section that is pretty tough. Electric is tricky because the first triple takes barely any throttle. Last was nitro buggy. We got my engine running really good and the first practice was decent.

Round 2: truggy engine was WAY better. Adrien from Team Orion is here and he brought some things to try with me to get my feeling better. I have a very weird throttle finger, so I am very picky. So far so good with the new parts. The run was ok, I struggled to get clean laps. The track is really narrow when you are driving, so the traffic in practice was brutal.

E-buggy went good. I made some setup changes and it seemed pretty good. That rhythm is crazy tough in electric. It will be tough to make it every lap. Car feels good so that’s a plus going into qualifying.

Nitro buggy was ok. It was in the dark and that makes it allot tougher. The track is still feeling really edgy and inconsistent. I had a decent run with some fast laps, but not quite where I want to be. I’m gonna think about what changes to make and just see how tomorrow goes.

Tomorrow is 3 qualifiers for truggy and e-buggy. Looking for a good day tomorrow. Man, today was a pretty long day, I’m whooped and off to bed. Thanks for checking in and God Bless.

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