Q1 The Dirt

Today is truggy and ebuggy qualifying. We were all welcomed with some nice wind and crazy dusty pit areas early on.

There are 25 heats today and 3 rounds. Gonna be late. They said if they stay on schedule (not likely here) we would finish at midnight. Bummer, and we started 45 minutes late, so it’s gonna be a late or early night, however you want to see it.

Truggy Q1 went good. I was resorted into the B heat after practice and the heat was good. I wasn’t the fastest, but I had a clean smooth run. Ended the round in 4th. Truck just felt too lazy out there, need to find more steering so I can drop my lap times.


In Ebuggy I was in the A heat. I started out rough with two big mistakes in the triple triple triple, but kept my head in it and pulled back into second for the round. My car felt good and consistent. I need to just focus on timing the first triple closer and I should be right there.

Making changes in truggy and I should be all set for Q2.

Thanks for checking in and God Bless.

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