The Dirt Truggy and E-Buggy qualifying

Q2 and Q3 are now in the books for Truggy and Ebuggy.


Made my changes to my truggy to try to get it more aggressive. She’s all ready to rock! Changed tires, front shock location, front camber location, front diff oil, and center diff oil.

Truck worked much better and my laps were faster. I made some mistakes early, but ended really strong and grabbed the TQ. I need to just be a little better in the triple triple triple.

Q2 ebuggy wasn’t too great. I ran my car the same, but tried Impacts. Car felt good, just made some costly mistakes. Ended up 4th

Q3 Truggy. No changes in setup, just went to super soft tires with the temps going down and thinking they were watering. With the unknown of what they are going to do to the track, they stopped watering the track. My truck still felt good, again that triple triple triple cost me. I missed it the first 3 or 4 laps, and you just give up too much time. Ended up 3rd for the round and will start 2nd in the final. Really happy with that and I think I have a good shot to fight for the win.

Q3 ebuggy. I made some front end changes, and it didn’t work as good. Didn’t have confidence in the turns and crashed a few times. Got a 4th. Points were close, so I’ll start 5th for the final.

It was a late night. Got back to the hotel at 12:30 and felt like I was in a war. Another long day tomorrow. Thanks for checking in and God Bless.

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