Car Check: MP9e DNC

Chassis: Kyosho MP9e TKI3
Motor: Orion VST2 1900
Speedo: Orion R8 Pro
Battery: Orion 6400 4s
Tires: AKA





6 responses to “Car Check: MP9e DNC

  1. Those wires look really close to the esc power switch… wouldn’t want them to turn off your car during a run…

  2. Hi Jared I’m in the process of 8th scale electric. I’m assuming your running the new R8 Pro X as David Ronnefalk. Why that esc over the R8.1 Pro. I know they haven’t released yet but once they do I will be buying one which is the best?

  3. Hi Jared, Congrats on the truck win at the cactus, I see kyosho makes two different shock bladders for the 1/8 a lower profile one and one that has rubber with slots on the inner side just wondering which ones you use or prefer.

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