Ebuggy and Truggy mains The Dirt

Amain practice went good with both cars and I was ready to do battle in the mains. First main up was Ebuggy, it was an 8 minute race.

I started 5th, but felt good with my car and was ready. I got a good start and even moved up to 4th in the first couple turns, but then I rolled in all on my own before the small whoops. I dropped about 4 spots. I didn’t let it bother me, but now I was back with all the sharks. It was pure nuts back there with people driving crazy. On the third or fourth lap heading into the 180 after the front, there was a 3 or 4 car pileup. I broke a little early to set up inside and pass all the crashed cars, then Martin Bayer just destroyed me. Not being smart, he just slammed me and piled both of us up. I was behind the marshall and got going in dead last. After that my race was done. I still charged and moved up to 11th. Pretty bummed with that. You can’t put yourself back with the wild drivers, that was my fault with that first lap crash.

Truggy main I start 2nd and it’s 45 minutes. I was really fired up to have a better race than Ebuggy. I got a good start and just stayed where I started. Some action happened behind me, and Ty and I actually had some room on the first lap. I think I was a little too fired up and on the 2nd or 3rd lap I made a stupid mistake. Got up on a pipe before the downhill triple and bucked all around and ended up crashing. Went to around 5th, and got back in the groove. Charged back up to Barry Pet

5 responses to “Ebuggy and Truggy mains The Dirt

  1. Does the race director at this race or other major races like this call rough driving or impose penalties for it or for cutting the track? Sometimes it seems like it gets really rough out there and there is nobody regulating in the race… kinda like the Reedy race.

    Anything you would have done differently set-up wise on the Evo?

    Can you post about the buggy main? The flame out was a bummer.

    • In the US we don’t have refs for rough driving. Actually in the US, we really don’t have any rules at all 🙂 Its rough in the mains sometimes. I wish I would have tried 3 degree anti squat on my truggy.

  2. Lately I have been trying a new set up change (MP9) everytime I go to the track to try and get my car to suit be better and just to see first hand what everthing does. Anti-squat is a not a quick adjustment to make, but testing up and down from 1 to 4 degrees is next on my list. What would 3 degrees anti squat accomplish? Were you running 2.5 degrees? Thanks

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