Cactus Day 2 and 3

Wednesday here was another day of open practice. The line to drive was a little longer, so the back of the neck got a little redder, if that’s a word.

Cars felt good and it was just about fine tuning and trying to get comfortable. Ended up putting gear diffs in all my cars and they seemed to work great. Track has a ton of grip and is pretty edgy.

Busted out my new JC mid motor body for Thursday seeding practice. It fit good and looked good out on the track. We had 2 seeding practices taking your fastest 3 laps in a row. My truck has been good all week so far and I had the fastest seed time in P1. I ran my same tires in P2 and they went bald pretty quick and got tough to drive. I didn’t better my time and dropped to 2nd seed.

4wd was also pretty good. No new parts this week so I can just drive what I’m comfortable with. In the first seed run I was fastest which was awesome. I decided to not waste new tires in the second practice and re run all my tires from the first practice. Not a good idea if I was wanting to better my times, but my first runs were all pretty good. The second run on tires, you loose some speed and the car is much harder to drive. Ended up seeded in 3rd.

2wd was the final class to run. My car has also been really good so far in this class too. Went out on fresh tires for P1 and it was good. Seeded in 3rd. I didn’t better my time in P2, but no one else did either.

All in all, great feel after practice and I’m ready to start racing. Should be good, just need clean runs. Thanks for checking in and God Bless!

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