Cactus Q1

Q1 started out good.

Had a good clean run in truck and got a TQ. Truck felt good for the tough conditions. It was cooler and cloudy, and the track had wild traction. I’m gonna make a small change and a tire change for Q2 to try to get it easier to drive.

4wd was really good too. Me, Jorn and Phend were all really close the whole race. I ended up 2nd. I was losing a little time on the right side of the track, but I’m happy with the 2nd.


2wd was good too. I made a small mistake, but had a good save early and ran in 2nd the whole heat. Phend was leading and going really fast. I tried to push hard, but had one lap where I had 3 really good saves. I just decided to back it down 5% and take a second. Then on the last lap, Phend crashed, and I took the TQ. Really happy with that. My car felt a little soft, so I’ll fix that and hopefully get in a good Q2.

Thanks for checking in and God Bless

5 responses to “Cactus Q1

  1. Good run today Jared! All your cars looked pretty dialed. Good luck tomorrow, we will be rooting for you!!

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