New Bike

Today is a great day. I got to pick up my MTB. I got a 2014 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert Carbon Evo 29




Can’t wait to take it out to the dirt tomorrow!!!!!

6 responses to “New Bike

  1. Killer ride man. Love my specialized. Not as fancy as yours but still love it!! Enjoy the ride tomorrow.

  2. Hey nice new bike.Ive been a fan for a while .We share a interest of Rc mountain biking and spreading the good word.I live in Omaha and have admired your rc talent and Leadership to bring people to God in your position .Listen ..10 minutes away from hobbytown hobbyplex there is a sick trail Tranquility Omaha off-road bike trail .Facebook Beau Bartak .Me:)Check out you tube for videos on the trail.Me and my Bro always come and watch when u come up from Mo.Its too busy on race days to try and talk but It would be cool to meet up and hit the trail if you come up for practice or what evs.Check the trail and hit me back there’s some cool grooves to hit next time you come up…Thanx and praise god.

  3. Hey Jared,

    Do you have connections with Specialized? I’m looking to purchase a Rockhopper Pro and was hoping to get a discount.


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