11 responses to “Cactus Classic Setups

  1. Thanks JT. I noticed you stuck with the RB6 arms. How did you like them on the Candyland surface vs 521-1s?

    • The feel is just a little different. With the flat arm the car will stay flatter in the turns and exspecially coming out of the turns. I feel the gull wing arm gives a little more overall grip and jumps better, but I have struggled with getting a good feel exiting the corner. I feel pretty good with the gull wing arm now.

  2. Hi Jared, I noticed u switched back to the um721 front holder on your rt6, what difference did u notice?

    • I didn’t really run it back to back. I just wanted to put it on because that is what comes in the kit. I ran the other block mainly because my other truck was converted from a RT5. The “b” block felt great.

  3. Hi Jared, On your Cactus Classic RB6 set up sheet It didn’t indicate if you used any brass weight in the back. Can I assume you didn’t?

  4. Hi Jared i see alot of your setups you do rear toe inboard why do you do this compared to outside wouldn’t it be easier to do it outside? is this better to do this inside with the new inner mounts?

  5. Hi JT, I am going to try this setup at my local track. been using the Reedy setup, but I wanted something new. With your rear shocks, are you not running the 1mm internal anymore and just a 2mm external? Also would you recommend the rear bushings as you had them, or something more narrow like Cin/Cin?

    • I’m not running the internal limiter because I’m using the wing rear arm and you need a longer shock. I would try it first with the bushings as the setup has them.

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