Happy April Fools

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve been just hanging low and doing house things and family things.

I wanted to do a funny April Fools joke on here, but I couldn’t really come up with anything. The only thing I could think of was that I’ve stopped racing and selling everything on eBay. It would have been funny, but I think it possibly could have stirred up some drama. I hope some of you guys are enjoying some good pranks today.

Since Cactus I’ve been enjoying our weather getting warmer. We all love to hike, especially Roz, so we had a nice family hike and picnic.




Roz and I had our own Daddy Daughter hike day too.


We’ve had some mean Jenga games. Roz and Megan are pretty competitive.


I really enjoy home cooked meals, and all the racing and nasty restaurant food. I miss good tacos from the west coast, so I whipped up some slow cooked chicken tacos and homemade guacamole. It was awesome!!!!!


Megan also had some honeydew lists for me. I refurbished this really old dinner table and had a bench to go with it. For a year, I’ve needed to build the other one. We also needed our family pictures framed, bar stools for our island, and lastly to frame some wedding pictures. We’ve been married seven years, and we only have 1 picture in our house from our special day. Everything turned out really good, and Megan is happy. Win for us all!!!






I’ve been trying to get in miles on my bikes too. The weather is better and I’m loving it. I’ve got in 218 miles the last 2 weeks, which for me, is pretty good. Now I’m all recharged and getting back into the RC groove. Getting my cars ready for Silver State and Neo14. Can’t wait to get back to the racetrack and burn nitro. See you all soon. Thanks for checking in and God Bless.


2 responses to “Happy April Fools

  1. My buddy got me with the exact prank you thought up. I was concerned at first but then wanted dibs on his short course…hahaha! Again love the blog, good luck at your next events!

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