Out in Vegas

I had an early flight out to Vegas today. 7:20 departure from Kansas City and a direct flight landing at 8:20am. We rolled into the airport and where shocked by the wildly long check in lines. Normally MCI airport (KC) is pretty quick and easy. The lines were huge and thankfully I have a cheater pass….Southwest A-list. Instead of 300 people in my line, there were 2. I got all checked and then I got payback and some for skipping all the lines. On my flight, there were 105 high school band kids on my flight. I was very quickly reminded why I hated high school. That was my longest 3 hour flight of my life!!!!!!

That kinda set the tone for the next 3/4 of my day. Landed in Vegas and got all my stuff and then headed to brand new track that will be opening the next couple months. A good friend of mine is building an awesome track in a really good location. It was only 5 minutes from the airport and we rolled in there at 9:30 and got all setup for the days work. I’m running all 3 classes again here at Silver State. 1/8 nitro buggy, 1/8 electric buggy, and 1/8 nitro truggy. Took about an hour or so to get everything unpacked and ready to go. The track was fresh and it was really fun to run on. I kinda had one of those days though. Stuff didn’t seem to be going super smooth and I let myself get pretty frustrated in the middle of the day. Today really felt like a “work” day at the track. Hey, sometimes you enjoy what you do and you have a good time, and sometimes there are just rough days where you can’t seem to find and enjoyment. I had a brief explosion and then vented to my amazing wife, and I felt better. We regrouped and actually ended the track day pretty good. I had some good final practices with all my cars and I was even having fun driving!!!!

Thanks to Chris and his crew out there at RC Tracks Vegas for all the hard work so we could get some practice today. Can’t wait for this place to open up and have a place for all the Vegas guys to race at. We ended up wrapping up at the track around 7pm I think, so we put in our fair share of time today. After that we were off to the Fiesta Casino and getting checked in and getting some dinner. I had a early morning, crappy flight, long hog day, I’m pooped.

Practice for the 2014 Silver State starts tomorrow. See you guys out there. Thanks for checking in and God Bless.




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