Q3 Silver State 2014

Qualifying is all over here at the Silver State. The final round had highs and lows.

Q3 truggy I needed a second for the round to get overall TQ. My truck felt great and I was doing just what I needed. I was driving smart and consistent. I ran second for the whole heat, but on the last lap a truck crashed right in front of me before the step up. I had to steer to the right to miss it and I hit a bump and swapped off the track and had to get back on, and I lost 2 seconds and ended up 5th. I felt like I got robbed a little on that one, so that was frustrating. I’ll start 3rd now in the main.

Ebuggy again was really rough. Not really sure what the issue is, I just don’t feel comfortable out there. I have the same exact setup as my nitro car, but they don’t feel the same. I feel like the bumps are twice as big with my electric buggy. Maybe the weight difference in the cars. I crashed my brains out and got maybe 9th or so for the round. I’ll start 8th in the main.

Nitro buggy was last and the TQ was still up for grabs. I felt like I’ve been driving good all weekend and making good setup decisions, but I just haven’t really got that good of runs in. My engine tune has been a struggle and in bumpy conditions, that’s really tough. All I wanted was a clean run. My car felt good in warm up, but my engine was running on really bad. Brought it in, and was gonna lower the idle, but then it would drop down, and then idle back up. We just left it and I was just gonna drive through it. Had a little bobble early, but it wasn’t bad. I had a game plan on my lines, I was wanting to drive safer and run the tight lines and go a little slower speed around the track. Some insides were still smooth. It’s awkward to run outside lines because it doesn’t feel normal and the way the ruts are, if you not quite outside enough, you’ll hit some big bumps going pretty fast. You have to drive a faster speed on the outsides to make up the time. I was trying all my inside lines I spotted while watching the heats before me, but they weren’t working. The traction just felt low on the insides and I couldn’t really flow. About 3 or 4 laps in, I said to myself, “screw it, I’m blasting the outside everywhere.” And I did, I was DEEP outside line around the whole track. I got the flow and it felt way more hooked up and way smoother. I lead most the heat and took the TQ by 3 or 4 seconds. With a 3rd and a TQ, I got overall TQ as well, so I was really happy.

I’m looking forward to the mains. I’m just gonna go out and drive the best I can and try to really focus on good line choice and getting that flow. Got my nitro rides all ready to the practice in the morning and even got in some celebratory dessert!!!! YUMM





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