Q2 silver State 2014

Well…..Q2 wasn’t the greatest of rounds oh qualifying.

Started off with truggy. I’m really struggling with getting my engines to feel good. The tune just changes a lot, so I’m having a hard time really being in tune with the track. Again my engine seemed to get rich the first couple laps, and then get better at the end. My truck felt really good, but I had a costly crash after the whoops. There’s a big rut in the corner and it’s catching in every race it seems. Ended up 5th.

Ebuggy was similar in result. I was just pushing way to hard at the beginning and not flowing with the track. I had 3 crashes early, but then drove the second half pretty good. Ended up 7th. I need a really good run in Q3.

Nitro buggy I was really excited to run. I lightened up my diff oils and was wanting a clean run. In warm up my engine tune was changing each lap. One lap rich, one lap lean, so I didn’t know what to expect. Again on my third lap or so, I hit that rut after the whoops too fast and rolled my car while leading the heat. Then I hit a crashing car on the straight and crashed again. My car felt really good though, so I was able to come back up towards the front, but I still got a 5th for the round.

For Q3 I’m gonna try to check everything on my engines and seal everything again. I feel I’m fighting air leaks somewhere. The track is getting crazy tough, so I need a more consistent feel with my throttle. Hopefully I can sort something out. Luckily all my cars are feeling good. Ebuggy I just need to drive it better and back it down a little. Thanks for checking in and God Bless

One response to “Q2 silver State 2014

  1. Both the truggy and buggy are starting off rich and then towards the end of the run they are feeling like they’re tuned right?

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