I miss Southwest already

Most races I attend, I fly to. I fly Southwest Airlines unless I have to fly overseas. I very highly dislike all other airlines. So far today has been adding to my dislike column.

Got to airport and the Delta section was pretty empty. I get up to the self serve computers to get my boarding pass. The machine won’t read my passport. Then it won’t read my credit card. I dig up my reservation number and it won’t work either. I go to another machine and it reads my passport. I go through all the steps, pay the ridiculous $100 baggage fee for 2 bags. Then the machine won’t print out my boarding passes. I then get in the line to check my bags in. She prints off my passes and gets my bags all tagged up and ready to go.

Now it’s time for security. I get up to give the person my passport and ticket. I have 3 flights and 3 different boarding passes. I didn’t look at all the tickets, so I didn’t see that I got 2 boarding passes that were the exact same. I was missing my first ticket leaving Kansas City. I had to go back and wait in line again in the bag check line. I got the right ticket printed and was back to the security line. The line was short and I thought it was gonna be easy. I see my bags go through, they stop the belt, call done people over, and just look at the screen for 3 minutes. Then they have to call a supervisor to look at the screen for another 3 minutes. Here’s a tip…..if you can’t tell what it is, open the freaking back. After about 6 minutes of calling different people to look at the screen, the guy yells out “bag check”. That was my backpack with my radio inside. He hadn’t even seen my bag with 2 cars in it yet. I watch him as he looks at the screen of my second bag going through. His face looked like a 5th grade kid getting a college test or something. Haha….since I was early, it was free entertainment for me. This time he saved himself 3 minutes and first called his supervisor over again for their stare session. Again he yells “bag check”. I had 4 TSA workers swiping every single stitch of both bags. They were looking at things and touching things like they thought is was gonna explode. I’ve had a good travel year so far, I think I’ve only had my bags opened one time so far. These guys were making up for all year and some. They took everything out and ran everything back through separate and it wasn’t really very efficient. Everything was good to go, and I got to repack all my stuff again.

I get to my gate and hear my favorite words in an airport. “Umm….flight to Minneapolis is running a little late.” It makes sense why all my southwest flights are completely full every time, and this flight is not even close to half full. Southwest blows the doors off other airlines. I’m dropping my expectations right now. If I get to England the same day I’m supposed to, I’ll take it as a bonus πŸ™‚

See you all soon. Wish everyone safe travels. Thanks for checking in and God Bless.

2 responses to “I miss Southwest already

  1. Lol, I miss the day (about 15 years ago) where you could just take your car straight from the track and toss it on the security table. Tank still half full of fuel. πŸ™‚

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