Neo14 Day 1

Well I’m here at Harper Adams again. Weather is better than normal for Easter weekend, and it should be a fun event. Track looks awesome this year with some cool features. Off camber corners, huge double, and massive stair drop off section.

Today we have 3 rounds of practice. P1 is free practice, P2 and P3 being timed for seeding. Just finished up with the free P1 in both classes. Neo14 started off rougher than normal. Both cars felt pretty uncomfortable out there. I think it was a thing with the feel of my radio. I messed up and didn’t realize you must switch the response speed of the radio in each model on the radio. I prefer the normal setting, and both cars had the high speed setting. I just didn’t feel connected to my car. I’m getting old, I need the response slow 😉

Hopefully P2 goes a little better and I will feel comfortable around the track.







Check out my HUGE fuel can. Darn it…..I wish my race car was bigger


6 responses to “Neo14 Day 1

  1. I have much luck Jared, I hope you get the victory this year, many Spaniards in this neo14 miss and you have a picture with one of my friends, thanks for being you.

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  3. Hey Jared…good luck with the NEO race!!

    I was wondering what brand are those lovely white cases that are behind your cars?? They look like they were made for the OGIO bag!

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