Neo14 Q1, Q2, Q3

First day of qualifying is over. It’s night time now and I’m in bed texting my family back home. Darn FaceTime won’t work, so all we got is texting. Really bummed I’m missing Easter weekend. Hope all you guys that aren’t out racing are enjoying a great Easter. The great celebration of Jesus Christ resurrection. Could you imagine what that had to be like to experience that ? I can’t really wrap my mind around how wild that must have been.

Anyways….back to the racing. Q1 nitro was rough. I didn’t feel comfortable with my engine feeling and my brakes. My throttle felt really sensitive and my brakes felt really grabby. I crashed 3 times early, but then got a good pace going towards the end. Ended up 9th. Q1 electric was awesome. Car felt really good and I had a clean run and took the TQ. I was really happy to get a good run after the nitro run to get back some confidence.

For Q2 Adrien told me a few things to try to my engine. We changed restrictor, and pipe. I also put on all new brake parts as they were too warn down. While setting my ride height, my front end didn’t feel right. I have been thinking my front feels different. Both cars are setup the same, but when I feel the front end of my nitro car, it feels weird. DUH….I had 6 hole piston in the front from a test earlier in the year. When I did my shocks earlier , I didn’t realize. Whoops. Got that changed before I was up. I had a great run and finished 2nd. I lead a lot of the heat, but had one bobble lap with another car. That run felt great. Electric went really good again. I was pushing hard and having fun. For some reason they didn’t announce one word all race, so I had no idea of where I was. I crashed on the last lap when a spectator shot my wing over a jump.

Haha….not really. I jumped too far on the back roller, and then “bubba’d” over the double. I still got the TQ and I was really happy.

Q3 in nitro started off rough. The track seems to be getting more grip, and I was struggling right through the finish section. I had a crash and a few bobbles, but then started going better. Car felt good and I was fast. Ended up in 3rd after those mistakes , so that was great. Electric was kinda the same. Too many mistakes in the beginning. It seems if you get a little off rhythm, it takes a few laps to get it back. I only got back up to 5th in that run.

Lastly was the dash for cash. This was a disaster. I started 11th after the reverse grid, and the first lap was nuts. It boggles my mind why people drive like idiots in “cash” races. We are professional, all races are cash races. Cars were smashing all over the place and I seemed to be wrong place, right time in many different tangles. A few laps in and I was frustrated and not driving well, I just pulled it in and didn’t want to risk hurting my car for no reason.

I’ll put that behind me and get back at it tomorrow. I’m really excited to run more tomorrow and fight it out for TQ. Check back in and see how it goes.

Side note….baby is looking very healthy!!!!!!

Gonna find out the sex when I get home. Pretty exciting!!!!!! Thanks everyone for the love, support, and prayers.

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