Electric Nats Day 1

Day 1 is over at the ROAR 1/8 Electric Nats. Today was a really fun day. The track is really fun to drive on, probably not a good idea for the track though. The danger aspect is extremely high for turn marshals. The two triples are crazy big and the cars are heavy and going fast. The back triple seemed to be more dangerous than the front triple. I think it’s because the double before and you have to hit the lip of the triple straight. The track crew actually had the bobcat on the track and were going to take out the landing of the back triple. It was just too dangerous today.

Here is a view of how large the front triple is.


Today was pretty laid back and just a fun day of driving. Unfortunately the turnout seems to be extremely low. I thought electric 1/8 has been growing and I expected a decent turnout, but I think it’s gonna be small. Not sure if it’s the location and the fact that both 1/8 nationals this year are in Texas and most racers in the Midwest will only race one national event.

Both cars felt great today and I’m ready for the seeding practice rounds tomorrow. Gonna make a few changes to my cars tomorrow, but for the most part, today was a great day. I got a sweet video of my buggy today, but I can’t get it to load up on YouTube. I’ll keep trying. Check back in tomorrow. God Bless.

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