Daddy Daughter Saturday

Last Saturday was a Daddy Daughter day. When I’m gone at the races, Megan is kinda like a single parent. She gets Roz up, makes breakfast, lunch, puts Roz down for a nap, cooks dinner, then gives Roz a bath, and puts her to bed. That’s everyday, plus keeping the house clean and taking care of bills and pretty much taking care of everything. She also works at the Hospital two days a week. Megan has been doing so much lately with my racing schedule being so busy, so I decided I would take Roz on Saturday and give Megan a little break. Haha, turned out after the fact, she missed us all day and wished she had spent the day with us. Don’t hate me for trying to help out šŸ™‚

Megan left in the morning to go garage sale shopping with some girls. Me and Roz got up and I didn’t really have plans for us until that night. We were going to the Sprint Cup NASCAR race at Kansas Speedway. I used to be all into NASCAR and watched all the races, but the past two years, we haven’t had TV, so I really haven’t followed it. I also had never been to a live race, so I was excited to go. Roz was excited too, she loves anything loud and fast, plus she loves cars and racing, so she was excited. She didn’t really know what to expect, but I told her is was gonna be like the movie “Cars”.

After breakfast, I saw that there was an open house at Pete and Jakes Hot Rod Shop. That shop is a pretty famous shop and builds really cool cars. The shop is only ten minutes from our house, and the owner is a member of our church. I’ve been to the shop before, but I’ve always missed the open house dates. Roz loves cars, so she was all for it. We cruised over and it was packed, there were tons of awesome cars to check out. On the way there, we talked about and thought of all the different colored cars we might see. Of course, Roz wanted to see a pink car, but she also wanted to see an orange car too. 20140514-113125.jpg20140514-113158.jpg
Roz found her favorite car. She also learned what flames are. She enjoyed checking all the cars out. We even got to go into the shop and look all around. They build everything you need to get a sweet old car on the road. 20140514-113410.jpg20140514-113425.jpg
After we looked at all the cars, we grabbed some Sonic lunch , to try to keep in that old school hot rod feel.

After that we were off to the speedway. I’ve been there a couple times, but not for NASCAR. The place was packed, parking was pretty far back.


After the long walk to the speedway, we made our way in to get a view of the track. There was a concert going on and teams were bringing out the cars. We walked around and found our seats. We were right in turn 4 and only 18 rows from the bottom. I kinda thought our seats were gonna be not too good, but they actually were awesome.



The race got underway and it was really cool. The cars sound super good and being so close to them, it was awesome when they went by. Roz had ear plugs and headphones, but she kept lifting her headphones to hear the cars. She’s nuts…..she loves the sound of race cars. Our seats turned out good as there was good action in turn 4 and even a couple crashes. One car cut a right front tire going into turn 3 and hit the wall pretty good. It ignited the car into flames and it went right in front of us. Luckily the driver was able to get out. Roz loved it, after that she kept asking where the fire car went, that was her favorite car.


I wasn’t sure if she would be able to stay interested for the whole race…..3 plus hours, but she did. We both had a blast. It was a great day to spend with her. It’s crazy to think that she is old enough to remember these times. I hope she will remember that day together.

To all you Dads. Take you kids out and enjoy them. Give the Mom a break every once and a while and do something fun with your kids. Parenting takes both parents. Be a good Dad and a positive influence in there lives. Fathers are very important in kids lives, we are the family leader and we set the tone and the path for them.

God Bless

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