ROAR 1/8 Nitro Nats Track

Got into Austin, TX today. Flights were good, nice and short. Flying into Austin was rad because we flew right over the new Raceway. It was cool looking going over and seeing all the cool paintwork and how nice it all looks. It would be really cool to fly in when F1 or MotoGP is there.

The airport seemed pretty far out there. I never really saw Austin flying in. We headed to the track, about a 40 minute drive out to the middle of nothing. Typical spot for a RC track. Pulled up to the track and it looked good. The facility seems really nice and the track looked good.

Up on the drivers stand, you realize that you need to be standing about 5 feet higher. The track is pretty big, pretty deep, and the drivers stand is nowhere near as tall as it should be. Track layout looks pretty cool, dirt looks and feels amazing. They got a TON of rain the past two days, so they were prepping it all up.

Man….they had a tractor on it and tilling it up. It really made me miss riding dirtbikes. That dirt would be amazing to ride on. There isn’t many things better than getting on a freshly tilled up MX track. Lean back, twist your right hand back, and let it rip!!!! The guys were doing a great job. They were tilling it to dry it out, then packing it back in with a golf cart and lightly watering as they pack. The sections they worked on looked AMAZING!!!! I’m excited to get my cars out on it tomorrow.

Check back tomorrow to see how practice goes. Thanks for reading and God Bless.

3 responses to “ROAR 1/8 Nitro Nats Track

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  2. Jared,
    Different scale guestion, On the soon to be released ZX-6 what are the charatiristics of the 3 configurations the car can be setup as. Thanks, Lou

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