ROAR 1/8 warm up

Sorry for the lack of updates. It’s been two 12 hour days and I was whooped and needed sleep.

Practice went pretty good. Started off with open practice from 9am to 5pm. Then they were going to do one round of seeding practice. They took forever to start and didn’t start until almost 7pm. There was 20 heats and our buggy practice was going to be at 10:30pm. That’s pretty ridiculous in my opinion.

My cars felt good in practice, but I was mainly trying different engines and trying to figure them out on this track. The track is super fun and it’s grooving up pretty nice. The track had a ton of water in it from the rain and they water it throughout the day. It’s grooving up good, but the track seems really dry even with all the water it’s had. I think it’s going to be interesting to see what the track is like for the nationals with most likely less water in it and more cars on it.
I have two buggies with me, a normal one and a test car. Trying out some arm stiffeners. Not sure what I think about them yet.

Qualifying was yesterday. We had two rounds. I didn’t really have a great day, but I learned some things. First truggy run was super clean, but I wasn’t fast enough, ended up 3rd. Second truggy run I had two REALLY long laps with crashes and got 10th. Buggy was ok. Crashed both runs and got 5th in both.

Here’s the best part of my day yesterday. Joey C and myself got ringers on the same turn.


Here’s a cool section of the track. A brick corner before the step up. The track layout is really good and fun to drive.


Today we have two more qualifiers. I’ll try to do some better updates after today.

4 responses to “ROAR 1/8 warm up

  1. Do you ever run titanium hinge pins? From your pics it looks like the rear outer is not titanium. Why or why not please. Thanks.

  2. Hi Jared. My son and I will be cheering you on as we watch you on Live RC. You really helped us out with our RB6. I am getting him a MP9 TK3 this week. Couple of questions. I see there are two versions of the front aluminum hubs. What is the part number # for the front aluminum hubs you use? Which aluminum clutch shoes do you use?
    Do you use the light weight vented clutch bell?

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