Roar Nats seeding practice

Seeding practice is over and now it’s time for qualifying. Today wasn’t a great day, but I’d call it good. We will start with the pros:
– my cars feel good around the track
– engines are both running good, good power and good mileage
– tires feel good and AKA seemed to better our wear issues we had at the warm up
– I feel really comfortable with my old radio
– I’m running consistent lap times
No for the con
– I’m just a little off with fast laps

Truggy was faster than buggy. I have been in heat 1 every run, and they have watered the track every run. First seeding run the track was pretty wet, which means….slow. I was around 10th or so. The second seeding run, first time I drove my truggy on a dry track 🙂 I was much faster, 3rd. Overall though, the second round was slower than the first, I think I ended up 7th after both rounds.

Buggy I have been pretty far off fast lap. My car feels good going around, it just stops turning mid corner, and it’s costing me time. I think it’s a driving style issue more than a car setup issue. I like to drive smooth in turns, not slide on power through the turn. I need to track to break up more. First round I had a decent 3 laps, but I got tangled with traffic a few times. I was 14th after the first run. Made a few changes for the second and ran really consistent laps. My speed was a little faster, but not much. I went a couple tenths faster than P1 and I was 6th fastest in P2. Not sure where I ended up overall, somewhere around 10-12 I think. I have some ideas and I think I will be pretty good for racing. I’m still feeling confident and I’m glad practice is over. Tomorrow is Q1 and Q2. Thanks for checking in and God Bless.

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