ROAR Nats Q1 / Q2

Got my day started off right

Only in Texas. Haha

We had a short 4.5 minute practice to start the day. Both cars felt good. Truggy was up first. Had a really good first lap going, then right before the double triple, my engine went rich and I cased the double and crashed. It made me crash one more time, but two laps later, it went back to normal. My run was destroyed with the two crashes. Ended up 14th.

Buggy Q1 started off great. I was leading right away and lead most of the heat. Me, Tessman, Phend were all super close. I caught four cars I had to pass and had one slower lap. I was really close to making the 10th lap, but missed it by two tenths. Tessman made the lap and then ran out of fuel. Darn it!!!!! I got a 2nd, I’ll take that after yesterday not really being near the front.

Q2 truggy was again not too good. I was not going very fast and had to move over twice for faster drivers, and that’s about a second a piece. Got 7th. Not happy, but better I guess. Tomorrow I will be going for some better runs in truggy.

Q2 buggy was similar to Q1. I started out fast and was leading. I lead a lot of the heat and me and Phend were really close. Second to last lap I went too wide on the back straight roller and was in the dust. When I hit the brakes, I got sideways and caught a rut, flipping over. The final lap I made another mistake, and I went from fighting for TQ to 4th. It was all on me. My car is feeling good though. I was bummed I crashed, but I’m right on pace. I feel like I’m really consistent too. Phend and Tessman are faster one lap, but I’m running much more consistent lap times, which will be great come race time.



Looking forward to tomorrow.

Quick note. We need all the prayers we can get. Megan is at the hospital right now getting checked out. She had way too many contractions today and they are worried she might go into early labor. I just got off the phone with her. She’s going home, but she needs to take it easy. Please pray for her and our little boy. Thank you very much. God Bless

4 responses to “ROAR Nats Q1 / Q2

  1. Prayers to you and your family!

    What would the reason be for your engines to continue to change tune on you so randomly? I guess, obviously, if you knew you’d prevent it, but since I’m new to nitro I was curious what could cause that kind of issue.

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