25 responses to “2015 CRCRC Setups now added

  1. Anyway we can see how the rb6 chassis looks without the battery installed. Can’t figure out how u got the battery strap installed without dremeling the chassis.

  2. Good work on your results! With your ZX6 & RB6 setups, is the surface high bite? Are you running a particularly reduced grip setup?

    • Yeah the track was pretty high grip. 4wd is the same if the traction was lower. 2wd i would move the hubs forward and maybe go to white rear spring if the traction is low

  3. Hey jared fastlane raceway is my local track and was looking at ur 2014 jc invitational set up. How could I apply that to rear motor?? Or do u have any suggestions. Will u be back up at fastlane soon?!

      • Hey no problem I appreciate the response. I bought my car used and it didn’t come with the mid motor parts. So I’m in the process of making a list and getting all the parts needed for mid motor. But cool see ya at the jam race!

  4. On the SC6 front shock length, you have 27mm with 2mm internal limiter. That requires the shock end to be unscrewed 2mm. I am hesitant that it will pull the shock shaft out of the shock end. I built it with no internal limiter and screwed the shock end all the way on and it measures 27mm. Any thoughts. Thanks for the quick posting of setups, much appreciated.

    • Yes I use the limiter and unscrew the end to gain more up travel. Yopu will run into issues if you start to unscrew around 4mm, 2mm is fine in my opinion.

  5. Hi Jared. I’m sending some drop down brackets for you to Derek at Kyosho. They’re what Zack ran at CRCRC. They’re pretty legit and you don’t have to drill anymore.


  6. Hey jared one more thing.. I have a question about your rear wheelbase set up. I obviously get the inside spacers between the hub and the inside of the arm. Which u ran 2 mm in front and back. But where does the outside ones go? On your setup sheet u ran 0 mm in the front and 2 mm in the rear. I’m running the 521 flat arms. And there isn’t nuts on the outside of the arm like the rb6 arm. I know u run 521 flat arms too but I just don’t get where they would go if there is nothing to hold them on the outside of the arm. Thanks in advance

    • I am not running the flat arm anymore. It says on the setup sheet that im using the 713 arm with a new hole drilled more inside. The arm is 2mm narrower than the 521 arm on the inside mounting so you can adjust the arm position. I have the arm spaced forward.

      • Ah ok I ran I to that problem. Tried putting the 2 mm spacer back on inside hinge with flat arms and the screw holes didn’t line up. I guess I’m just confused from the picture on the set up sheet it looks like they would go on the outer hinge. But it’s actually talking about the inner hinge?

  7. Hey Jared any chance we can get a pic of your rb6 with the battery mounted sideways. Looking to do the same mod just not sure on how far back the battery is. Thanks.

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