How to build a Ball Diff

Here is a little video that I made to show you how I build my ball diffs. This is for my Kyosho RB6, but the same prcedure can be used for most all ball diffs. I hope this can help you out and get you more dialed in at the track.

14 responses to “How to build a Ball Diff

    • Yeah I’m gonna try to do more. Its always been tough because I need someone to help me video. Now I have my go pro setup and I can just do short videos anytime I’m working on my cars.

  1. Hmmm, you don’t sand the diff rings? Just put them in all shiny and new? Interesting.

    Do you use carbide diff balls and thrust balls?

    Thanks for the vid!

    • Nope I do not sand my rings, just clean them. I use the balls that come in the 6 series (rb6, zx6, rt6, sc6) kits. Tungsten diff balls, and then the thrust are the only ones that Kyosho offers. I personally think the tungsten diff balls work better than ceramic.

  2. Really appreciate the videos, they are helpful. Really would like to see how you tighten, break-in and set the ball diffs, for RB6, SC6, Lazer6 and RT6.

  3. Jared hi,

    If it is possible could you suggest another diff grease that will do the job fine? The one from kyosho is too expensive.

    Also could you let me know what i did wrong and after my first run with zx6 i destroyed the ring gear. I mean where the balls are attached. The plastic was destroyed. Is it because i tighten it too much?

    Thank you.

    • The gears only go bad if your gear mesh is not set correctly. The diff needs to be set tight in the case, side to side, and just have a little back lash with the small gear. Less back lash than you spur and pinion mesh

      • Sorry I have not explain which part of the gear was destroyed.

        The gear was destroyed were the balls are attached. I must have tighten the screw too much.

        How can we make sure the correct tightness of the ball diff screw.?

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