12 responses to “2016 Reedy Race Setups

  1. RB6 Castor Block Position In(wide Std) is that referring to the hole in making the tire track width wide?

    Out(Narrow) hole outside making the tire track width narrow?

    Also spacer on front axle (kit show 2mm spacer in and out), typically your setup sheets show 2mm outside only??

    • Are you just talking about the design of the RB6? I’m not sure, I did not design it and I’m not an engineer. Sorry, I can’t really answer that.

  2. When you posted your setups as a pdf file under setup we could download the file and view in a pdf reader, now that you started to post them on your main page, it’s just an image. Was wondering if you could still post the pdf file as well. I carry these PDFs on my iPhone and iPad along with my setup sheets for reference. They are extremely handy.

  3. Hey there, noticed your running A & B inserts on the aluminum rear hangers, do you use these inserts on most med/high bite tracks these days and are they ran in or out??? Ive been running D in D in and thinking I ahould probably switch? Thoughts? Nany thanks

  4. Hi Jared,
    I have just finished to build and paint my zx6
    Just by curiosity and in the way to quote a out of the box setup sheet
    Have u ever measure the F/R camber and the front toe out angle, out of the box ?
    I have tried to measure it by myself but without Tools and only the iPhone it’s not very precise …
    Thank you very much one more time 🙂

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