Qualifying Time

Had 2 final practices today and 1 of 6 qualifying rounds at Neo13. Today went pretty well. It was very hectic though. After P4 I wanted to change front and rear diff oils and shock oils on both cars. Mike Cradock helped out and we scrambled to be ready for P5. We barely made it and the cars were running better. Q1 started off good, but I wasn’t too comfy with my car. I was on the edge of crashing. After a few laps I hit a crashing car and it kinda got me off my groove. After that I had 3 pretty good crashes, giving my chance of a good run away. Ended up 9th. I wasn’t too pleased and then rushed back to the pits to make a change to my electric buggy that I felt my nitro buggy needed. Got it done just in time and my electric car felt awesome. I had a clean run and got the TQ. I then made the changes to my nitro car for Q2. I normally hate my car with orange rear springs and stood up 1 hole. Some reason I always try it at home and like it. Then I show up to the races like that I don’t like it. When will I learn 🙂 Should be good now. Looking forward to more qualifiers tomorrow. Saw the most RAD racer today. A 8 year old girl from Norway. She was a little shy to take a pic with me, but how CUTE is that!!!!! She’s been driving since December. Best part was that she was going around really good. She was busting the huge triple single every lap and nailing the monster double. It was awesome!!!!

Went to a pub for tea. (Dinner, supper where I’m from) They have an interesting dessert item. I need to at least try it, I just don’t have the balls yet. Haha

It’s 11pm and I’m off to bed. Tomorrow should be awesome. I’ll try to bust some TQs and take a few more pics. Today was a little busy. Thanks for reading, and God Bless.

4 responses to “Qualifying Time

  1. Im very curious whats the process of getting your buggy ,fuel, and tires to the track do you ship them bring them with you on plane ? Is it the same as far going over seas or the DNC ? Maybe you can make a post when you get time

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