Qualifying almost over

Today we had Q2, Q3, Q4 and a dash for cash. It was a good day for me. I started out in nitro buggy and had a much needed clean run to get TQ. Then in electric I was going really good, but made a few mistakes and got 2nd. In Q3 I had another good run in nitro to get the TQ. In electric I was FLYING and feeling very good, just bustin 32’s every lap until my car started to stutter really bad. I had one bad crash, then just backed off and drove extra safe to get the TQ. In Q4 for nitro I was again feeling great, but I made two big mistakes and ended up 7th. I need to just back it down a little bit and I will be fine. I put a new motor in my electric thinking that was the issue. I started out strong, but just a few laps in, it started stuttering and then just quite. The track is extremely hard on the cars. The jumps are huge with no good landings. For tomorrow I put a need speedo in and made a foam burger for it.

Here’s a shot of a photographer getting real low on my ride. Haha

Final race today was the Dash for Cash. They take the top 12 using 2 of 4 qualifiers. Start in reverse order and go for it. I started 11th. I won this race last year, and I was wanting it again. I got a great start and was 5th after 1 lap!!! A few laps in I got into 2nd and then reeled in Bloomfield in the lead. I was wanting to be really aggressive and just get by. I squared him up on the straight and we were side by side, but he was fading us from the outside all the way to the inside. I was out of the line and in the dust when I needed to brake for the roller, and when I did my car stepped out and we hit. I went to 4th I think, and it broke his car. After that I made it back up to 2nd and was battling JQ. He got sideways and we hit sending me crashing. I went back again. Then it was wild after that. I recommend just watching it on neobuggy.net or Liverc.com It was a really fun race, I ended up 2nd behind King at the end. JQ and a few others ran out of fuel at the end. It was a 10 minute race. Cody’s car was BONE dry. Check out my tank after 10:30 🙂

We have Q5, Q6 and electric semi tomorrow. I got a good chance at TQ in both classes, need some smooth runs. I’m off to bed. God Bless

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    • Some engines get better mileage than others. It’s also how fast you pull the throttle. I pull it very slow, so I need a leaner tune so the engine cleans out properly. You don’t want to gain mileage by just running your engine lean. Engines want to run at a certain tune, they don’t run good rich, or lean. After you find the tune where the engine runs correct, you tune the feel and mileage with pipes, and carb restrictors. I will also mess with how far my carb will open.

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