Home at last

It was an early morning and a long travel day, but now I’m home. What a great week. Got to meet and greet with some amazing friends, drive on an awesome track, and get attacked by a bunch of champagne. I personally love the smell of victory!!!! Neo13 was a success and I’m looking forward to Neo14 already!!!!! So my flights were all pretty good. Have a couple stories to share. My flight from Amsterdam to Minneapolis was delayed a little. There were 2 passengers that got checked in and their bags were loaded on the plane, but they never showed up to get on. That’s a slight security breach. So they had to go dig through all the bags to retrieve those passengers bags. We were finally off. About half way there I noticed this guy stretching in front of me. An older guy, maybe 60. His stretching moves were quite odd and highly annoying. He also had some very interesting facial expressions going on. I know it’s bad to judge people, but I couldn’t fight it. Then he started to blab on to this other guy, apparently they didn’t know each other. The stretcher was a loud fella and was blabbing about how awesome Amsterdam is and then transitions into some US political talk. He was pushing his boundaries about what he was saying, and all of a sudden, old man 2 that he was talking to just put him in his place. He said he has heard enough, we don’t believe the same as you, shut up, turn around and sit down. I personally was more on the old man 2’s side. The stretcher did as he was told, and was silent for the remainder of the flight. It was pretty awesome!!!!


Finally I could spot some MO soil. I even got a little glimpse of downtown KC. Home never looked so good. We landed and I was greeted by my amazing family. Roz even had a sign for me 🙂

Winning the race was great, but getting off the plane to see that smile, no race victory can give you that joy!!!!!! I’m home 🙂

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