Look Back: 2006 National Champion Team Associated RC10GT2

Here is my first entry in a new category I’ve been asked to start. I have kept a bunch of racing memorabilia through my career. Once a week I will showcase a new piece from my collection.

This is my first RC kit I ever built. Up till 2006 my Dad did all my mechanic work. In 2006 Team Associated came out with a new 1/10 gas truck, the GT2. The GT was race proven and had never lost a National Championship. I had won 2004 and 2005 National Championships with it, and I was nervous to debut the new truck. I was very new to working on my cars, but I managed to get it all together, and it worked pretty good. I qualified 4th, but I was able win the main. It was my 3rd gas truck National Championship in a row, and the first with me as mechanic, and the new GT2. It’s a very special car to me. Check out my patented tucked back antenna. That was a trademark of mine in gas truck.

Here I am with Kurt Wenger, the man behind the new truck. After I won, we were all very happy.

All the plastic parts were boiled for 15 minutes before I built the truck. That helped give it a little more traction, and helped it give it a little flex to make it more durable.


Check out that hand made custom O’Donnell pipe.

This was also my first big race without my Dad pitting for me. I had Jason Ashton and Kazz making the calls in pit lane.

It also has one of the very first body skins from Upgrade-RC. I painted my own bodies up till that point, but doing all my wrenching was a lot of work, and I didn’t have time to paint them.




Well that’s it for the first piece of my memorabilia. Hope you enjoyed a little flash back, and a really cool and special car. Check back in next week for more. God Bless

5 responses to “Look Back: 2006 National Champion Team Associated RC10GT2

  1. Nice job on the website/blog man, like seeing this kind of stuff, keep it up! And good luck next week up in Chico, hope you bring home 2 for Kyosho!

  2. Hi Jered. Just want to say that I really enjoy reading your blog, it just gets better and better! Love the memorabilia and anecdotes! Good luck in Chico!

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