2013 IFMAR Worlds: Day 5, off day, kinda

I woke up this morning to my beautiful trophy and 2wd….It wasn’t a dream!!!!!! I slept great last night and we decided to chill out a little this morning and head to the track around 1. We wanted to find some scenery to check out and we ended up at a pretty cool recreational park area. We did about an hour hike, and it was really fun and beautiful. That was Roz’s first hike experience, and she did great.




On our way down to the car, we even ran into some RC guys that rented MTB bikes. Once at the track, we had a little drama. We were putting Roz in the car and Megan was going to grab lunch, when we ended up closing all the doors in the rental car with Roz inside, and tgr keys inside, then all the doors locked. We were kinda freaking out, Roz was handling it pretty good though. She couldn’t quite get herself unbuckled, so the fire department had to come. It was a pretty embarrassing moment for us, but thankfully they got the car opened up very quick and Roz was fine. After that the rest of my day was full of mounting and glueing 4wd tires. That was not that fun, the open cell foam makes mounting tires take forever. Now we are ready to rock for 4wd. Can’t wait to get my car on the track tomorrow. Check out my hardware in the hotel, then at the track.


Thank you to all of you and for all the kind words. Yesterday was a very special day and I’m glad I can share it with all of you. Check back tomorrow to see how the 4wd practice is going. Thanks for reading, and God Bless.

4 responses to “2013 IFMAR Worlds: Day 5, off day, kinda

  1. Good to see you are able to include some time with your family as well. Best of luck for 4WD – repeating the same result would be nice!

  2. Great job, Jared; what a great accomplishment! I will be praying for you tomorrow as well. Just go ahead and make it a double world championship trophy kinda week! 🙂

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